What the banks and credit card companies

What the banks and credit card companies didn’t want you to know

When a Bank or Financial Institution lends you money they take money from their own reserves or the Depositors money held in Trust and make this available to you on the condition that you pay it back with interest, Right? WRONG!!!!

What actually happens is that when you apply for a loan, this application is then converted to an IOU (I Owe You) which in the eyes of all parties involved (except you ‘ you ignorant fool) has the value of the amount written on it. So the bank takes this and enter it into its accounting ledgers as a deposit, or sells it for the stated value and enters the value received into it’s accounting as a deposit.

Now the Bank owes you money.

To balance it’s books the bank now releases into your account credit to the stated value. Now the books of the bank are balanced. No one owes anyone anything. But they do not tell us about this, if this became widely known the whole scam would fold ‘ and we are starting to see the effect of this game already with the Credit Crunch.

Now the Bank owes you money

Now the Bank owes you money

Next you have to repay the whole amount again plus interest! If you are into mathematics, you can see what an exceptionally profitable scam this is. If you or I did create money out of nothing, we would soon be in jail. But the Banks have bought the Politicians and control the Courts, so they have made it legal.

But there is a catch in their system. They did not disclose this to you when you signed for the ‘loan’ so the Contract is not valid.

You can stop a loan or credit card with a simple letter

By simply writing a series of letters to the Bank or Credit Card Company where you state that you are happy to pay any money owed and ask for certian information that they do not want known, you can stop them in their tracks. This is too much for this article, but if you get a copy of the book below by Mary Croft, she will explain it.

Also, it is not generally known that the name on the account and which the letters are addressed to is not really you. You as a living breathing human being cannot operate in the fictitious world of commerce, so the State created a legal fiction (a kind of corporation) with your name, this legal fiction (your “Person” or “Strawman”) is what is getting taxed, billed, and sent various presentments. It is never YOU!

You can stop a loan or credit card with a simple letter

You can stop a loan or credit card with a simple letter

An excellent source for finding out how this works in more detail is the free E-book by Mary Croft ‘How I clobbered every Cash Confiscatory Agency known to Man’. It is about how she started broke and desperate, and then started to learn how the system really works and put it to use. Step by step she became more and more free of the oppression of Banks, Government and the legal system until she lawfully did not pay tax and learned how to offset any presentments or bills with a secret account in her name that the Government uses to fund itself.

Let this be your first step on a road that will lead to greater freedom than you ever thought possible.